14 Reasons You Should Join The Gym Today

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People join the gym for numerous reasons, some people get a gym subscription to build muscle, they know that it will be easier for them to build muscle if they joined a gym, so they do. Some others join to lose some weight. Some, for a little bit of both. Others just love the chemicals their brain produces we they get some workout in.


People understand that there are numerous benefits to joining a gym and contrary to what some people believe it is not a waste of money.


I watched a movie recently “Brittany runs a marathon” she was tired of feeling fat and ugly and after her doctor advised her to reduce her BMI she decided to join a gym, the gym staff told her monthly subscription was over $100 and she lost it. She asked him why she should pay that when she could literally go outside and exercise for free.


I could totally relate to her struggle because sometimes some gyms are really expensive and it makes you wonder if they want to bankrupt you because you know with your finances you cannot afford a monthly subscription to that gym.


I know what I gained from the gym so if I find one that is too expensive I leave and keep searching until I find one that suits me and my needs.




Its recommended that you consistently exercise to be healthy. Research shows that working out in a gym can double your overall work time. This is because of the external factors that serve as an extra push. Your fitness goals play a huge role in determining if you need a gym or not.

If you enjoy working out with other people then the gym is also a great fit for you.



There are numerous reasons why you should join a gym


  • Social activity

the gym is the breeding ground for a lot of potentials. Potential friends, business partners, cheerleaders, boyfriends/girlfriends and even spouses.  Numerous people have met and fallen in love with their spouses at the gym.

The gym gives you a room full of people you already have one thing in common with and it is left to you to find out if you have any other similar interests if you’re interested in making new friends. Sometimes you might not even be interested but friendships will find you.


If you relocate to a new city and you don’t have any friend’s the gym is a great place to find some.


You can attend yoga classes, spinning classes and other classes hosted by your local gym and find interesting people to interact with.


Your new friends might become business partners who can potentially help you make money, you just never know, the possibilities are endless but the first step is joining a gym.


  • Exercise is good for mental health

A lot of people who suffer from depression have stated how exercising has helped them by improving their moods and giving them positive feelings as opposed to negative ones. Working out increases your energy levels.


  • Strength training

The gym is the best place for strength training, when you join a gym you will meet numerous people that are also interested in strength training and you will have resources available to you in form of strength training classes etc.


  • Motivation and community

The gym provides a community of people that can encourage and motivate you to keep on with your fitness journey. You will be able to relate to others and their stories. It shows you that you aren’t alone and celebrates your milestones with you.

I remember meeting people at my gym who would give re recommendations on where to buy healthy meals and snacks when I couldn’t make mine. People made me feel less alone and it helped me and increased my consistency significantly.


  • Trainers and instructors

A lot of gyms provide instructors and fitness trainers who help their members by showing them how to use the equipment accurately to achieve their fitness goals and avoid injuries. This is something a lot of us do not have access to in the comfort of our homes and it is also not cheap to hire a personal trainer. The trainers at the gym are the next best thing.


  • Access to Workout classes

My favourite classes to join at my gym are the yoga, spinning and cardio blast classes. So many gyms offer these classes with instructors that will lead you through intense classes and ensure you don’t quit halfway. You’d agree with me that it is easier to quit when it gets hard if you’re doing the exercises alone but if you’re doing the exercises with a class full of other members you will be not want to be the group chicken.


  • Access to expensive machines and equipment

Many of the equipment and machines at the gym are large and expensive. It makes no sense to cover half of your apartment with an expensive treadmill that you’ll use every other day. It makes more sense to pay a monthly subscription and gain access to different machines that you can use to work out different parts of your body.

  • Mood enhancer

Workout and exercise cause the body to produce endorphins. Endorphines are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system and the pituitary gland. They act on the opiate receptors in our brains, they enhance pleasure and reduce pain and leaves us feeling great. A good workout can leave you feeling like you have taken pain medications. It makes you happier and gives you a more positive outlook.


  • Confidence booster

Joining a gym helps to boost your confidence, when you constantly exercising the presence of other people, it reduces your self-consciousness and as you see results on your body you will look even better and feel more confident.


  • Keep you healthy

Getting a gym membership and exercising helps you reduce the chances of developing health complications or health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.

  • Encourages Consistency

The first time I joined a gym I became more consistent with my fitness journey. The gym helped me build the habit that I’m reaping benefits from today. In addition, the knowledge that you have paid money to gain access to the gym for a particular duration of time will motivate you to keep up with it at least to get your money’s worth.

  • Help you prepare for events and reach goals

I have noticed that sometimes when people have important events coming up, they “hit the gym” because there is something about joining the gym that helps you stick to and achieve your goals and look your best for events?

  • Makes workout easier

Another reason why the gym is such a great idea is that the trainers are even your fellow gym members will help you if you’re having difficulties with any particular exercise. I remember the time a guy I met at the gym that saw me struggling with some exercises asked me what my goals were I shared them with him and he built a workout routine for me. It made everything so much easier. I also became more effective because I knew exactly what I wanted to do every day at the gym.

  • Weight loss

You must already know that the gym is a great place to burn some body fat.



Check out the post on how to choose the best gym for you. Finally, find a gym that works for you and give it a try for at least 1 month.


If you have any comments or questions about this post, don’t hesitate to share. Remember you can always talk to me.

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