How to know the Best Gym Wears – The secret to gym wear shopping

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You have decided to go gym wear shopping. Maybe you’re joining the gym or you just want to look and feel athletic. There is just one little problem you don’t know what you should be looking out for to ensure you buy good gym wears and avoid regrets.

This post will teach you how to spot good gym wears and factors you should keep an eye out for.


When shopping for gym wears it is important that you lookout for the following factors;


  • Fit

Everyone wants to look good and it is definitely good business to look good. You cannot afford to buy workout clothes from brands that do not understand the basics of fit and end up looking like a potato. Workout clothes that suit your body figure/type and presents you in the best light are a win in my books and should be a win your books as well.

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They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If you cannot visit a physical store to fit them yourself then ensure you know your accurate measurement and also check reviews to make sure the workout clothes are true to size and you don’t need to buy a size bigger from them to get great fitting workout wear.


Invest in making purchases from a brand that puts fits into consideration when manufacturing their products and uses the appropriate sizing chart too.


A workout outfit that fits you is a good confidence booster. You feel good every time you put it own and it encourages you to keep visiting the gym but if your workout clothes are depressing, if they don’t present your body well, they can leave you feeling frustrated that your effort in the gym isn’t showing.



  • Design

The designs I have seen in recent times for workout clothes are mind-blowing and drop-dead gorgeous. This explains why they have become such a strong fashion statement.


However, more than their pure aesthetics the designs of workout wears should also be one that will make it convenient for you to exercise in them. Their practicality should not be sacrificed on the altar of beauty. Some workout wear designs are epic fails to me.


I once saw a lady trying to work out at the gym but her sports bra was designed in a way that risked her breast spilling out from it every time she bent down. This had nothing to do with her size or the size of the outfit but everything to do with the design.


That particular outfit will look great in a picture but it just wasn’t practical for the gym, she spent more time at the gym that day trying to secure her breasts than actually doing her workouts and to make matters worse everyone noticed it as well because the outfit was so attention-grabbing, so she had a lot of people staring at her.


Don’t sacrifice practicality on the altar of aesthetics.


Not every fabric is great for workout gears, in recent times brand have definitely tried out a diverse or winder range of fabrics for workout gears. While some have come out great others has failed.


There is nothing more uncomfortable than working out in gym outfits that are made with unbreathable material that don’t even let your sweat through. You become sweaty, icky and smelly pretty fast if you wear these.


In a very short time, it will leave you feeling very hot and disgusting. You need to research the ideal fabrics that should be in breathable workout wear before you make purchases and ensure that its presence in your intended purchase.



  • Durability


This is a must for workout clothes,  exercise and physical activities can be hard on your athletic wears. During gym wear shopping, look at the details of the workout where you’re considering, if you notice that there are loose threads as opposed to reinforced stitching and this repeats through other outfits from the same brand then it is definitely a brand problem and I will not recommend that you spend your money purchasing workout clothes that are set to come apart after a fear uses or after a wash.


If you are shopping online and cannot see the workout wear in person, the best alternative will be to read the reviews made by people who have purchased the same product, you should also read up on the materials that have been used on the product and how it might affect the functions you expect the workout wear to perform for you down the line after your purchase.


When reading reviews keep an eye out for ones that state the stretch, finishing or texture of the product.


Nobody wants an embarrassing moment of realizing that your workout pants just got ripped leaving you completely mortified and humiliated.

Quality is a factor you should look out for during gym wear shopping, when you make purchases from brands that have been tested and known to produce durable and quality workout wears then you can work out rest assured that your workout clothes will last and will not embarrass you.


  • Innovation

Great brands and workout clothes are innovative, they are always looking to solve a problem or bridge a gap in the market, thereby providing their customers with solutions to their different problems.


They are consistently doing surveys asking questions and improving on their already existing products to give their customers a good experience in general.


An example of innovation is the recent changes that have been made to female workout clothes in the past five years. More brands now offer super stretchy and firm workout leggings that help women hold their body together thereby enabling them to confidently work out in public spaces without being self-conscious.


If you put all these into consideration, it is easy for you to spot a great brand that offers all these and more which helps you choose your favourite and your camp when you go gym wear shopping.


Workout clothes serve versatile purposes now and even though some people argue that they are workout clothes and should be worn only at the gym, you and I can agree that that isn’t the case anymore. They are in trend and looks like they will be for some time.


You can check out this post on the best fitness brands to shop workout wears from. At least you know now where to start with your shopping if you decide to join them since you can’t beat them.

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If you have any questions or comments about this post please don’t hesitate to share. I’d love to hear about your favourite fitness brands.

Remember you can always talk to me.


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