How to Look Like TEYANA TAYLOR — Dancing For Fitness

Teyana Taylor's dancing for fitness

.Teyana Taylor has shown us all that dancing for fitness can produce amazing results. The first time I saw Teyana was on the fade music video by Kanye West, I immediately did an internet deep dive on her and boy, was I amazed?


I started saving her pictures because I thought she looked so fit and good and I wanted her to motivate me on my journey.


cosmetic surgery could have given her this banging body, it was a possibility that she might have gotten surgery done since that’s the trend and she is a celebrity with enough money to achieve that if she desired. If she had, it might mean that I will most likely not achieve her results.


I started researching on whether or not she had some work done on her body and I discovered her secret, the same reason why her snap back after pregnancy is always mind-blowing.

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Her secret is DANCING, you heard right, dancing! This is something so many of us love and enjoy doing. I have always known that dancing was some sort of exercise because you can use it to get your sweat on but I never quite looked at it as a complete workout routine or fitness strategy. I mean it was just too simple.


Teyana has had numerous people ask her so many questions about the secret to her defined body and those ABS and she said Dancing!

Teyana Taylor’s Dancing for Fitness Open Secret


A 2017 interview by Ashley Weatherford for The Cut Teyana gave us more details. “I dance. I have a dance fitness program called Fade2Fit, where we do live videos of us dancing. We combine dancing and exercise to make it fun and release pressure. You’ll see results in a week. I do it every day, and I have to choreograph it every day. I haven’t had any complaints yet, so I’m happy about that”.


She also spoke about her desire to make it easier for people who cannot use the gym for numerous reasons and give them the option of achieving their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes. “ Some people feel intimidated when they walk in the gym. Some people don’t even want to leave the house. I wanted to make something where you don’t have to leave the house to get a workout and feel good”


During the interview, in response to a question about her diet, she stated that she loves junks and she eats it all the time. She mentioned that she takes smoothies. “I love flavours; I don’t like textures. It’s hard to take down a vegetable without hearing that crunch. No matter how much I try, eating vegetables is really hard. My father-in-law is the chef for me and my husband, and he makes these fruit and vegetable smoothies to help me. That’s my way of getting in my healthy shit without physically having to chomp it down, which would make me gag”.

Her struggles

I love that Teyana also talks about her wellness struggles because more often than not people see someone with a great body and everyone assumes that they do not experience any struggles or difficulties. It is important to shine a light on those imperfect circumstances to cure people’s delusions. She said “People see me and think that I have the most perfect body, but they don’t realize that I have struggled just like they do. If I lift a weight, I automatically get super strong. That’s why I get intimidated and stay away from the gym — I’m already naturally so strong that if I were to work out I would look like a bodybuilder. Sometimes I can even photograph a little bit harsh. Some people will be like, “Oh girl, stop!” But everybody has their own personal struggles, and when I want to gain weight, it’s hard”.

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She started FADE2FIT, her fitness program that provides subscribers with personalised home workouts they can do, customized meal plans and membership benefits for $19.99 monthly and $99.95  yearly.


If you are searching for proof that her program works, search no more. Below is Teyana’s picture 4 months after giving birth to her second baby Rue.

Teyana Taylor

I completely agree that dancing can be a great fitness strategy because I have watched professional dancers.  Some dancers I know do more dancing rehearsals than workouts and are in the best shapes of their lives.

This is mostly because of the effect dancing has on the body.


Her program is highly recommended. If dancing for fitness is something you are interested in, don’t be afraid to give it a try. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you adopt her eating habits.

The way I see it it’s a win-win situation, you burn fat and in addition get your desired body while taking dance lessons from a world-renowned dance prodigy who choreographed Beyoncés’ music video when she was just 15 years old.


If you cannot afford her fitness program, you can check out other follow-along dance videos on youtube and have some fun while you shed weight.



Any type of dance that requires energy will suffice, it’s a good thing there are numerous options and types of dance to pick from. It is important you also identify the type of dance you are interested in because that will play a significant role in determining your level of commitment and desire to continue with your dance workout.

If you choose a dance style you do not enjoy or have zero interest in, your lack of interest will ultimately win and cause you to quit.


Before choosing a dance style it’s important to know where your interest lies and how difficult it is to learn.

The numerous types of dance include;

  • Hip-hop

Hip-hop is a dance style highly favoured by youths and people generally interested in Hip Hop music. it often incorporates trendy moves and dance steps. it is a fundamental part of hip-hop culture.

  • Ballet

This is an artistic dance form that requires years of intensive training. It is performed to music using formalized dance steps. It is also characterized by light and graceful movements and the use of pointe shoes. The dancers make it seem effortless in their presentations.

  • Tap dance

It is a dance style that requires the use of tap shoes. These are special shoes with metal taps affixed to their heel and toes, they produce the melodic and rhythmic sounds that tap dancers make when they dance taping the floor in sync.

  • Indian dance

These comprise different dance styles, including the ones you see in Bollywood movies. There are numerous dances classified under the Indian dance umbrella.

  • Salsa

This is an amalgamation of Cuban dances, it is associated with Latin and was first made popular in the US, it usually involves a pair and the dances exhibit fluidity of movement.

  • Ballroom dance

Ballroom dance is a social dancing style practised in Europe and the united states. It is often used at dinners and black tie events and a competitive form of dancing that usually requires a partner.

  • Tango

Tango is a sensual ballroom dance, its origin can be traced back to Argentina, it is popular for communicating romance through synchronized movement by the dancers.

  • Waltz

The waltz is a highly sophisticated social dance, it is easy to learn but it has numerous variations that keep things interesting.

  • Zumba

Zumba is a fun aerobic workout that mixes in dance moves. It was created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto” Beto” Pérez during the 1990s

  • Breakdance

This an athletic style of street dance from the united dance. It usually involves freezing and has various variations.

  • Belly dancing

Belly dancing is also called an oriental dance, it is an Arabic expressive dance that originated from Egypt and it contains several hips and torso movements.

  • Aerial dance

Aerial dance is an artistic dance form that allows people to enjoy liberation by suspending them from the ceiling using apparatus often attached to the ceiling. It requires skills.

  • Jazz

Jazz dance arose with jazz music, it is a fluid, inventive dance. It originally came out of Africa.

  • Contemporary

This is an expressive dance that combines elements of dance genres like ballet, ballroom etc.



Your fitness goals will determine the duration of your dance workouts. If you aim to lose weight, then about 2 hours of moderate-intensity dancing will suffice and 1 hour of high-intensity dance workout 5 days a week is great as well.


However, if you just want to get your blood pumping the 20 minutes of high-intensity dance workout and 50 minutes of moderate-intensity dance workout will work greatly.



There is no way I would finish this post without letting you in on all the great benefits of dancing.

  1. Dancing can improve your flexibility, fitness and strength
  2. It can help you burn calories and lose weight
  3. This is a great way to have fun
  4. Dancing is a form of self-expression
  5. It improves the condition of your heart and your lungs
  6. Dancing gives you better coordination, it helps you stay alert
  7. It improves your confidence and self-esteem
  8. This is a social skill, it can help you build relationships
  9. Dancing is great for your bones and joints
  10. It improves your balance
  11. People dance competitively to earn rewards
  12. It can become a career and source of income
  13. This is great for different age brackets and grades
  14. Dancing doesn’t cost money, it can be done anywhere
  15. It can help you find the love of your life

why you need to dance for fitness

This might sound like I’m reaching right now but stay with me, and think about this for a hot minute. Suppose you got invited to a very hip party by your friend who has been trying to hook you up for the longest time. You obviously hate it because these parties never go anywhere and you can barely even find someone to hold a decent conversation with at these things. In addition,  the music is always so loud which you find annoying.

Heck, you have no business at a party because you have two left feet and every time you dance you leave a disaster in your wake so you’ve promised yourself that you’d never dance in public again.

You get to this party and you see the most handsome guy/girl in the entire world and your heart is racing, you start a brief conversation and he/she is saying all the right things, you are already imagining a home with children then he/she invites you to dance because it is his/her favourite thing to do.

After you politely turn down the offer because you can’t dance, he/she starts dancing, busting fresh moves and suddenly everyone wants to dance with her.  1 hr later people are still following her around and she doesn’t even return to your table, then you suddenly realize that your romance has to end before it even has a chance to start properly. You have missed out on great love, the end.

I know I might be reaching but let us just say dancing can help you impress a potential love interest.



  1. Use the right gear for each dance:

It is important, that you choose appropriate clothing or costumes if you are learning ballet. If you are dancing tap, you need tap shoes. You also need comfortable clothing for hip hop etc. In addition to comfort, the right outfit for the dance of your choice will make your experience a better and more positive one.

  1. Hydrate:

Water is essential, make sure you hydrate during breaks, it is good for your health.

  1. Listen to your body:

Start slow and build up your stamina as you go, understand that everything is a process, do not attempt difficult and dangerous dance tricks when you start. Be careful and listen to your body, if you feel any sharp pain please stop ad visit a technician.

  1. Get clearance from your doctor:

Getting your doctor’s approval is important especially if you already have existing medical conditions. Ensure that your doctor has cleared you and believes it is safe for you to start your dance workout.

  1. Have fun with it:

Enjoy yourself with it, make sure you take all the joy you can get from it.

  1. Take breaks:

Even Beyonce takes breaks when she’s rehearsing for Coachella or the super bowl. You can afford to take a few breaks and catch your breath when dancing for fitness.

  1. Stretch:

Before you start dancing, make sure you stretch your legs and your body.  This reduces the chances of injuries and wakes up all your muscles.


In conclusion, Dancing is great for you and there are different ways you can enjoy it too. Do these and you’ll be on your way to looking like Teyana.

If you have any questions or comments on this topic don’t hesitate to share and remember, you can always talk to me.





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