7 Pillars of weight loss

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There are 7 pillars of weight loss, these pillars will make or mar your weight loss journey.


  • Positive attitude
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness / Exercise

A positive attitude makes all the difference, your desire to lose weight produces results when it comes from a place of love for your body and a decision to take better care of yourself and treat the body that diligently serves you every day, better.

A healthy desire to lose weight cannot come from deep seethed hate for your body. It is okay to admire another’s body and desire the same results but you cannot hate your own.

People who often berate themselves and look at their bodies with disgust engage in a cycle of self-loathing and faux motivation to lose weight which cannot produce sustainable results or most times any results at all.

No one gets anywhere with a self-deprecating or negative attitude.

Beauty is a result of health, when you choose to become the best version of yourself, you’ll carry a warm, bright light wherever you go that literally makes you radiant. You can only shine when you take your health into your own hands and decide that you’re worth the effort.


Consistency is the not so secret, secret of weight loss. It makes all the difference in your weight loss journey.

Developing a practical and healthy schedule is far more important and will serve you better than rapidly dropping some pounds for a short period.

If your desire is the latter, then be prepared to regain all the pounds when you resume your normal routine or you burn out.

Recording 5 good days of consistent work is better than 2 great and perfect days and 3 days of no work.


Love yourself through your weight loss journey and give yourself time. It’s normal to get frustrated if you start a weight loss program with people and week after week they return with wonderful jaw-dropping tales of all the progress and success they’ve recorded and you can’t help but feel deflated because not only have you been doing everything right, you’ve also been consistent yet your results aren’t as promising.

It’s okay to wish that it was you recording those great results instead but it’s more important to understand that their bodies are different from yours and you need to give your body the time that it needs so that it can produce your results at its natural pace and still leave you healthy.

It will not happen overnight and some days will be more difficult than others but remain consistent and stay patient.

You can join the BI community where you will share your thoughts, woes and fears with other women who can relate to your struggle and feel encouraged to keep you going.

When it comes to losing weight permanently, there is so much more to consider than a quick-fix, low-Cal diet.

  • SLEEP 

Do you know that sleep is an important factor for weight loss and good mental health?

Sleep for weight loss is often under-prioritized and disregarded because people don’t know better.

While we sleep, our bodies repair and detoxify. It recovers and resets for the next day. Sleep helps build muscle and it helps repair blood vessels. While we rest our body sets to work and fixes parts of it that need repairs.

Sleep also affects our hormones, particularly insulin. Insulin controls our blood sugar levels; if we aren’t getting enough sleep or enough restful sleep, this can lead to elevated blood sugar, which in turn can lead to diabetes and obesity.

To maintain proper hormone balance, which controls everything from weight loss to appetite to sex drive, we need deep, restful sleep.

Studies have shown that sleep significantly affects our metabolism. It states that lack of sleep causes loss of muscle mass and it also causes our body metabolism to slow down (our bodies’ burn calories at a slower rate in an attempt to preserve energy).

When you get enough sleep it increases your fat burning capacity throughout the day.

So many people have recorded increased cravings when they’re sleep-deprived. This probably happens to you too, you start to snack away at everything you see and it doesn’t even matter whether it’s healthy or not.

This happens because your body often interprets fatigue as hunger, it tries to get the energy it requires from food. Indulging in these cravings can cause you to ruin all the progress you’ve recorded on your weight loss journey.

You have to actively work on adjusting your sleeping habits and not just expecting them to self-correct.

Lack of sleep causes us to try to keep alert usually by resulting in unhealthy means like indulging in excess caffeine and other sugary and energy drinks which we believe will give us the zap we need to keep functioning throughout the day. These things work for short periods which is why we need to consistently top up thereby increasing our chances of putting on weight.

It is recommended that you have about 8 hours of sleep per night for you to be properly rested come morning and energized to start the day without being in dire need of a quick fix (caffeine & sugar) you should sleep from the hours of 10 pm – 6 am or 11 am – 7 am.

Making sure your room is comfortable, dark, and free of distractions can help you sleep faster and also provide a better sleeping experience.

Many of us also struggle to fall asleep, to stay asleep, and to overall get a good quality of sleep.

Some of the time you can’t control this but most times you can.

If you have trouble sleeping (I have two secret tips that knock me right out within 10 mins, it might work for you too, leave a comment at the end of this post if you want me to share).

If you desire to lose weight, you need to make a strategic plan to manage your stress.

Many of us are willing to change our exercise and food habits but we have no plans or way to manage our stress effectively.

There are easy ways to manage stress effectively e.g. soaking in a tub works for some people at the end of a stressful day, getting weekly massages to remove all the knots and kinks and increase circulation and cause the body to relax. Lighting scented candles with calming and soothing fragrances also work.

For long term weight loss, you must find a strategic way to manage your stress. Some of us whose jobs are stressful by nature are probably wondering, “What do I do?” Quit? Of course not!

You just need to find a way to reduce your stress levels. Find an outlet to deal with it, this might mean picking up a new habit e.g. yoga can be quite useful, meditation and also journaling can help you de-stress and de-clutter your mind.

Also, pick a hobby you enjoy and use it as an outlet to keep your sanity.


Nutrition plays one of the biggest roles when it comes to weight loss because it’s a daily part of your life.

You mustn’t be on a strict diet. Extreme dieting and cutting off all the foods you love will leave you miserable and cause you to binge eat on your cheat days.

You will have to cut out the unhealthy meals and junk you consume if you’re serious about your goals and desirous of success.

Focus on quality over quantity for as long as you can. You should also learn to make your own meals and experiment with healthy recipes.

You can use my healthy recipe e-book and in no distant time, you’ll fall in love with eating healthy.

Consuming fewer calories in the course of a day-week-month will make your body rely on its fat stores to produce the energy you need for your daily activities which eventually leads to weight loss.

Not losing weight while truly being in a caloric deficit, might only happen in extreme cases.

But for the average person, who is eager to shed some pounds, simply being in a caloric deficit will provide amazing results.

Like I’m many situations in life, an extreme approach almost certainly backfires. You can diet hard or you can diet for long, but you cannot do both.

You can maintain a moderate caloric deficit of 500 calories.

For example, if your body needs 2000 kcal per day, you should eat 1500 kcal per day to lose weight.

Calculate how many calories you need to function in a day to be in a moderate caloric deficit, then track how many calories you eat in a day while trying to stay within that range.

Protein keeps you full longer, it helps boost your metabolism and build your immune system, it also helps you build stronger muscles. If you want to lose weight, incorporate the right amount of protein.

When you are in a caloric deficit, the body will try to use anything it can to make up for that missing energy.

Your body fat storage is usually the first point of call to satisfy your needs but sometimes the protein storages also get depleted.

Mood swings, weight gain, irritability, stress, skin problems, headaches, are often a result of poor diet.


Most people who want to lose weight know that working out is going to be part of the equation. But I’m here to tell you it’s more than that.

If you have weight loss goals and you want to know how to lose weight permanently, you’ll again need to increase your overall level of activity. This means getting some workouts in.

Keeping up with a fitness routine is easier if you have a routine you love, finding your daily motivation to keep at it will definitely be easier.

You can utilize every routine daily activity like watering the plants, going up the stairs, playing with your kids, reaching top shelves etc and ensure your long term health.

Resistance training can be incorporated into your daily workout to achieve results faster. Resistance training is any kind of physical activity that improves the muscles’ strength over time.

Lifting weights or exercising using resistance bands is resistance training. Running, swimming or cycling is not resistance training, it is cardio.

The difference between the two is Cardio is a fitness activity that is used to burn some fat while you engage in it. While resistance training not only burns fat while you do it, it also improves the metabolism so that your body burns more calories at rest.

Building stronger muscles are the simplest way to increase your metabolism and resistance training helps you to build stronger muscles.

This way the body burns more fat while resting to maintain these stronger muscles.

Resistance training, therefore, improves metabolism.


The truth is, there’s a lot you need to focus on when it comes to the best plan for how to lose weight permanently, you need to tackle all of the pillars if you want long term success. Even small changes can make a big difference in your health.

If your goal is to drop some weight and improve your looks and overall health, then sticking to all these pillars of weight loss is your best bet to achieve it.

Maintain a moderate caloric deficit by consistently consuming fewer calories than your body needs. Optionally pair it with some resistance training and increased protein intake for better results.

Ensure you are having a balanced sleeping schedule and you effectively managing your stress levels.

Finally, stay consistent, be positive and be patient with yourself and you will be making remarkable progress in no time!

If you truly want to achieve weight loss and keep the weight off long term your habits have to change.

Note: Bodies are different so the same method of weight loss might not work for different people.  You should try different methods so you can find out what works best for your body.

Big goals are often scary and difficult to achieve but you’ll be proud when you smash them. Please be gentle with yourself and celebrate your wins/progress regardless of how small they might seem, remember ‘Tiny drops of water make up an ocean’ Do NOT give up and if you need anything you can always talk to me!

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