5 Proven Ways to Stick To Your diet

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You are finally doing it! You just promised yourself that this time you’d actually stick to your diet till the end so you can see the same results that others in the support group are recording left right-centre.  Yu event went all out and splurged on meal plans and recipe e-books for your new diet. The only problem here is that you told yourself this same thing the last two times you tried. Maybe the third time is a charm and I should wish you good luck and bide you farewell on this journey and hope with you that you actually see it through or I could give you 5 life-changing tips and secrets that will give you the best shot at kicking that diets ass.

Stick to Your Diet with Proven Methods

I know, I know the second option sounds so much better. Even I would choose it. I always enjoy learning tips that will help me smash goals.


Let’s get into it, the five main lifechanging tips and ways that will help you stick to your diet include:


  1. Always have healthy and diet compliant Snacks
  2. Avoid temptation
  3. Cognitive reframing
  4. Get accountability partners and stay accountable.
  5. Ensure your diet is healthy and sustainable.



I remember starting a new diet sometime last year and before that, I had written in my journal making all these promises to myself of how I couldn’t make it something I’d abandon halfway. My resolve was resolute. I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible and it was. At least for the first 9 days. On the 10th day, I had an impromptu meeting with a client and I couldn’t have breakfast before running out of the house. On my way out a thought occurred to me, I considered taking some healthy fruits and snacks that are in line with my diet. I quickly shrugged it off and decided to head to the meeting, I  will just eat when I get back I thought (I was so wrong).


The meeting started and before I knew what was happening I had a few people join the meeting, it lasted hours and at some point, my stomach was angrily rumbling and threatening me. I tried to endure but I was so hungry and I was losing energy fast.


They started sharing refreshments and I was so happy, then I realized that the food available was so distant from what I was supposed to be eating, I couldn’t do anything about it, I was so hungry I really didn’t care.


I decided to eat just a little portion of the food so it wouldn’t be a shameless fall off the diet wagon. It’ll just amount to a shortstop. I ate what I thought was small but you and I know that small is relative.


When I got home I was angry that a simple act of stubbornness had caused me to lose some of my progress, completely obliterating my streak. However, this wasn’t the worst thing that happened to me.


The worst thing was that my little dance with danger albeit it out of necessity had completely awakened a monster called cravings. It became so much harder to stick to my diet, I started making excuses and veering off at any given opportunity.


You should definitely not make the same mistakes that I did. Once you decide to start a diet you should ask yourself, will I need snacks for the time when I have had breakfast, lunch or dinner but I still need a little something to tide me over.


You should find recipes for your favourite diet compliant snacks and make them ahead of time, you can easily throw this in a bag and it will save you from the desperation that comes with hunger and help you stick to your diet. Some people can really endure hunger but if you are anything like me then you’d completely agree that you get desperate when you are hungry and everything looks appealing regardless of how unhealthy it is.


You cant even function or think clearly until you eat something.


Depending on your diets you can have a healthy variety that will be a lifesaver believe me.




Have you ever heard that evil communication corrupts good manners? Have you ever wondered why? Well, I’ll tell you.


Evil communication eventually wears down the resolve of good manners, corrupts it and in a little while, good manners become evil communication.


Does it make sense? If it doesn’t let me explain it this way.


When addicts are in recovery, they are often told to avoid scenes or environments that will lead them to relapse and return to old habits and it doesn’t matter how long the person has been a recovering addict, how strong-willed they are and how determined they are to stay clean. It is still too much of an unnecessary risk to continually surround yourself with people or places that will cause you to fall off the wagon.


It is important to protect your space, this automatically reduces the chances of relapse and gives your mindless work to do.


Let’s bring it to the topic if you are on a no-carb diet and your friend keeps inviting you to a pizza party where you’d only have hot, delicious pizza in large boxes available for everybody’s enjoyment. You know how much you’ve enjoyed eating this pizza the times you attended the party. You know you cannot stand to watch everyone take bits of their slices with satisfaction and joy on their faces without wanting to take a bite then clearly you should pass on the invite.


Dealing with food has always been tricky because unlike alcohol drugs and other addictive substances you cannot entirely cut food out of your life. You need food to survive and you will keep eating it. It is left to you to understand your eating habits, your triggers and stay away from them when you are on a diet that does not incorporate those meals.


Run, flee or physically escape when necessary to protect your progress and give yourself the best chance at seeing results.




I have blog posts that explain cognitive reframing in better details and you should read them to gain a deeper understanding. Recently I have really devoted time to research and study cognitive reframing and I’m sorry but not sorry.


I believe that cognitive reframing is the closest thing to a superpower that humans have.

If you are a marvel or DC fan and you’ve always wanted a superpower, I am not promising you to speed like flash, energy like supergirl but I am giving you something that can not just help you maintain your diet but will literally change your entire outlook on life and improve your quality of life.


Cognitive reframing is mental conditioning that helps you reframe events, situations, circumstances. and experiences.


When you are on a diet, most of us have this mostly dull but sometimes loud feeling of being punished, a voice in your head even tells you that you have done nothing to be eating miserable meals and feeling miserable afterwards.


Food is an important part of my life, I have derived joy from it for years and it has served so many purposes but I never quite viewed it as a source of nourishment to my body until I started my fitness journey. This is still part of the reason why I can never stick to a diet that makes me feel miserable or provides me with no joy.


Cognitive reframing changed all that, the negative feeling I’d previously have every time I thought about dieting has now been replaced by a positive feeling that makes me even look forward to it. I told you, it’s basically mental sorcery, it is efficient in helping me stick to my diet.


Now instead of thinking of all the food I don’t get to eat because I am on a diet, I think of all the healthy options I have and how it will nourish my body, keep me healthy, fit and help me achieve my dream body. I finally picture my dream body with the knowledge that I am on the path to achieving that and I become ecstatic to comply with my diets.





At the beginning of my fitness journey, I always enjoyed taking up fun challenges like 14 days zero sugar challenge or 7 days skipping challenge. The first day was never a struggle because the excitement to be starting something fun and new literally always carried me but after doing it the first day it always got harder and I knew that I would eventually get tempted to quit because nobody knew what I was doing and no one would notice or even care if I stopped.


I decided to start posting on my social media every time I wanted to start a new challenge, I even went ahead to ask interested people to reach out to me so we’d do it together. Sometimes people joined, sometimes I did it alone but I’d often make sure that I checked in with my online audience daily to let them know that I had done the challenge for that day.


It had nothing to do with whether my viewers cared about the challenge, it was mostly for me. It keeps me hold myself accountable I couldn’t bear the thought of being the girl who never completed her challenge. I was honest and this forced me to finish the daily challenge before informing everyone that I had done the one for the day.


I was so strict with it that during my skipping challenge I didn’t care if I was dressed to skip or I had done had, I would only say I had done the day’s own when I had completed it.


This option works for people who have no one around them, whether friends or family that will keep you in check. However, it is best if you have access to family, friends or a supportive community like the BI community who will keep you accountable to your goals and encourage you to keep going when you want to quit.


If you’ve ever had people cheer for you, you’d understand how powerful it can make you feel to see so many people who genuinely believe you have what it takes and you can do it.


For your new diet, telling people you live with the things you can and cannot eat will make them know what not to offer you and check you anytime you try to eat something they know you shouldn’t.


Let people hold you accountable and when you can’t find a third party to hold you accountable or you don’t want to join a community then hold yourself accountable.




This reminds me of this diet I tried at the beginning of my fitness journey when my favourite pastime was researching new diets to help me lose weight fast. I came across the diet and it was called “military diet “. It was advertised as a super weight loss diet that would make you lose weight in 3 days.


It promised to have you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. It sounded like a great idea, because, 10 pounds? in just 3 days? wow.


I hurriedly made a shopping list and I went to the grocery store, got everything I needed and started the diet, it was a long miserable 2 days, I couldn’t even make it to the final day.



I researched more on it and found out, it was an extreme, unhealthy and unsafe diet and people were advised not to try it.


The first day of the diet I was so dizzy and I felt faint and deep down I knew I wouldn’t stick to this diet for just 3 days.


Whenever you want to begin a new diet, do your research on the diet, ensure it will nourish your body and it is safe for you while helping you lose weight.


You have better chances of sticking with  your diet if it is not too restrictive and does not completely cut out all your favourite meals.




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