20 Effective Wellness Tips For Healthy and Happy Living

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Wellness is an important topic that often confuses a lot of people. People believe that it has to take one gargantuan act to achieve or at least be on the path to wellness but that is far from the truth.

The key to a healthier and happier lifestyle is ensuring you practice daily healthy acts that over time become habits. These simple acts that I’ll state below will significantly improve your quality of life and help you stay healthy.

Healthy and happy living can be achieved and I know this because it isn’t as daunting as it seems to us. We often think we must have defined bodies, drink our green teas and smoothies and have our own workout routines before it means we are on that path to healthy living.

That’s not true.

You can start small and increase it as you go so as not to overwhelm yourself and build it as a habit.

healthy living is really made up of small things we do daily that add up to produce big results.


20 wellness tips for healthy & happy living

Here are 20 tips to live a healthier and happier life. These activities can be easily implemented in your daily routines.

  1. Drink water, water, and more water throughout the day

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The benefits of water to the body cannot be overemphasized. It aids digestion, it’s great for weight loss and the skin and it renews energy. Where I’m from there is a saying “mmiri bụ ndụ” which means water is life, and that’s on!

  1. Take the stairs

I know you hate it, I do too especially since I am always wearing stilettos. If you’re wearing comfortable shoes taking the stairs is an easy way to get some exercise in. Exercise is great for your health and wellness.

It is easier to do this than taking a long walk,  during lunch break, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

This lets you get a little cardio done in the middle of your day, it is good for your heart and it tones your calves and thighs.

  1. Get a fitness tracker & track your steps

There is a rave about fitness trackers and it’s no secret that they are super effective and cool. There are so many brands and they carry out mostly the same functions example Fitbit, Apple Watch or similar) they track your steps making sure you’re getting enough physical activity each day.

  1. Use non-toxic skincare products

Skincare products are important because we use them daily to moisturize and take care of our skin.

We should be mindful of the products we put on our skin.

Patronize reliable brands known for the quality of their products. I recommend skincare products from soap and glory, Neutrogena for their range of body products including sunscreen.

  1. Eat healthily

By adding wholesome ingredients to your plate, you’ll be taking steps towards becoming a healthier you. Some food for thought: pack an apple and some raw veggies in your bag to keep as a handy snack. This may help you avoid vending machines or fast food when you’re on the go and it will improve your healthy and overall wellness.

  1. Stand up and stretch every 25-30 minutes while working in a static position

If your work requires extended periods of sitting down at a desk, it will be great for your general wellness and health if you stretch every 25-30 minutes. You can take a short walk around the office or attend long meetings standing.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

family practicing wellness

Practising mindfulness is good for the body and mind, helps with focus and also changes the brain.

Keep in touch with yourself, that’s odd, right? But it’s true. The more you tap into your own thoughts, the more you may become aware of how you react to stressful events – so start practising mindfulness today!

  1. Sweat it out

Sweat it out, sweat it out, sweat it out! There are benefits to sweating or do you think the people who go to the sauna and have buckets of sweat leave their bodies are silly and unimaginative in Finding out ways to spend their time. Sweating removes toxins from the body and they are often proof that you are burning the much needed fat cells in the body.

Find a way to sweat each day that falls directly in line with your daily activities. You can run up the stairs, dance or check out our Fitness guide for other easy, fun and creative ways to sweat it out.

  1. Eat Fruits

fruits that contribute to wellness

I know fruit-eating might not be your thing but your body needs it. You should find creative ways to incorporate fruits into your diets every day especially if you’re not a fruit guy or girl.

Some people love fruits and this makes this a lot easier to do and some eat it just because they have to and it feels more like a chore. Check out healthy and highly delicious and nutritious fruits you probably don’t think of eating here.

I recommend you get our smoothie recipes e-book and learn fun ways to mix different fruits up for maximum enjoyment and nutrition.

You probably need a smoothie blender and disposable cups that will help you have your daily dose of vitamins and other nutrients on the go.

  1. Have a positive attitude

Developing a positive mindset is not the easiest thing to do especially in the midst of chaotic days when your restraint, patience and composure are tested but it’s a rewarding attitude.

Your mindset is the difference between a horrible day and a good day. Don’t give away your power.

You can use a specially curated list of positive affirmation, power words or like I love to call them magic words to keep you calm, grounded and your spirit lifted especially in the middle of difficult days.

You can download my positive affirmations and list of power words printable and post them at strategic points at work and home.

  1. Rest up

We push ourselves every day to get stuff down, sometimes even past our limit.

This beautiful body that serves you daily should be taken care of so please rest. Rest up every day, adults need 6-8 hours of sleep each night. The quality of rest you get is also as important as the quantity. Turn off the noise in your head and make sure you’re not just resting the body the mind is getting some rest as well.

Numerous tips can aid you to sleep better if you have issues sleeping. You can check out some sleeping books for some help.

  1. Have a healthy morning routine

The way you start your day can literally set the tone for the rest of the day. I have curated a list of activities that make up a perfect morning routine, you can download that here. Staying healthy and building wellness takes actively creating positive and healthy habits

  1. floss your teeth


Floss your teeth daily for good dental health and overall wellness. Not only does flossing daily protect your teeth and gums, but good dental health is also important for immunity and heart health.

  1. Meditate

Wellness - woman meditating

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should assume a yoga position before you can meditate. Take some time to discover and rediscover who you are, take stock of what’s happened in your life so far and the different ways you can self-improve.

Reflect on past mistakes and figure out why you made those choices so that you avoid a repeat occurrence.

You can do this while hiking, eating, lying down or sunbathing.

  1. Do things you enjoy

Do you know what Joy is? Pure Joy! We all have things that bring us Joy and I recommend a daily dose of Joy. Doing things you love can literally light you up and increase your life span. Bring some joy into your life today. That’s an order!  —wait! Before you take this as liberty to fall off the healthy living wagon, I recommend activities like reading, watching TV, knitting etc don’t overindulge.

  1. Apple cider vinegar is the magic potion

apple cider for wellness

Apple cider vinegar is the truth! The benefits are endless, one day you think we’ve finally discovered all the benefits and the next day Jane is telling you she just discovered it can cure amnesia. It cures almost everything!

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water helps aids digestion, relieves bloating, boost immunity, regulate blood sugar levels and more. We recommend organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.

  1. Laugh everyday

Laughter is good for your soul. It is medicine for the soul. If no one and nothing makes you laugh every day then watch some memes I’ve seen some really hilarious ones that had me hollering and crying. it can uplift your mood and improve general wellness.

  1. Relax and practise self-care

Stress management is a rewarding skill. Extreme stress will speedily cause your physical and mental health to deteriorate.

To effectively manage your stress levels, you need to find out your triggers and avoid them. If you cannot avoid them then you need to be ready to swoop into self-care activities after a stressful day.

I personally love to draw up a bath with some bath salts, light some soothing candles and relax with soft music playing in the background.

  1. Take your vitamins


Take your vitamins and stay healthy. There are numerous vitamins you can take to help you stay healthy and improve your immune system.

  1. Journaling

I love to talk about Journaling and I have devoted an entire article to it. It has a lot of benefits and is especially valid in the world today where it feels like we need to keep a tight grasp on our mental health.


I have a gratitude journal and a sanity journal. They both have different uses. My gratitude journal helps me take stock of the wonderful things and people in my life that I’m grateful for, this helps me keep a positive spirit when things aren’t going great for me.


My sanity journal helps me analyze and process my feeling and emotions, by first getting me to admit and acknowledge them. For the longest time I dealt with denial, I never allowed myself to “feel” my feelings. Always locking things in like I had a bottomless vault inside me.


I want you to experience what I did when I started Journaling. Every day I felt like I was unloading all the feelings and emotions inside me and this allowed me to sleep better at night and wake up the next day fully energized to take on a new day.

You can get your own gratitude and sanity journal for a discount here and work on your wellness by journaling.

In conclusion:

  • pick what works for you
  • Start small
  • Stay consistent
  • If you slip back to old habits no problem, it happens to the best of us. Every day is a fresh day to start.
  • Be patient with yourself, habit building is difficult
  • Stay positive

Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful and remember you can always talk to me!

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