20 Best Activewear Brands

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Activewear brand(s) have taken up the fashion scene because workouts have become more than exercise, it’s now an addiction and a lifestyle and like everything else associated with it workout clothes/ athletic wears have gained popularity and traction, they have become a daring fashion statement.


More and more people are constantly looking for workout clothes that combine form, fit and function. This even applies to people who do not work out or have no intention to down the line.


Brands have been outdoing themselves daily creating designs that tick all the boxes and provide the users with great workout experiences in general. These days people wear workout clothes now to go to the movies, go on dates, run errands and a thousand other clothes. The better it looks and fits the more desirable it is and the more people will bring out their wallets and hand you their money in exchange for some workout gear goodness.


Over the years several brands have made a name for themselves in workout gears and outfits due to the quality that they produce. These brands have been a crowd favourite and household names. In recent times as well some young new brands have emerged but that has also been able to hold up their ends and fill the shoes they met quite well.

20 Best Activewear Brands

In this post, I have rounded up some great brand that provides quality workout wears. If you are ever shopping for workout wears do well to check out any of these brands and you will definitely enjoy your purchase.


  1. Nike

This is a widely recognized activewear brand that has been around for years and paid its dues. Almost everyone has heard of Nike, some because they own Nike clothing others because of thought-provoking commercials that Nike has been known for over the years.


Nike believes that fitness is for everyone hence their slogan “just do it.” Over the years they have produced innovative fitness gears like the Nike Metcon 6 Flyease sneakers that feature non-traditional lacing, collapsible heel counter and tight fit that lets disabled athletes skip lacing shoes totally. The sneakers are built in such a way that it tightens around the foot once worn. These and other performance shoes give you the best experience during your workouts.

Nike’s mission is to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world which basically means everybody in the world since they believe everybody is an athlete


They have a wide range of fitness wears for different sports and they also have lifestyle outfits for people that are interested in the athletic look. They are known for producing quality and durable clothes that stand the test of time. I recommend Nike products. You can find Nike shoes and clothes for as low as $100


  1. Adidas

This is also one of the most popular activewear brands that have been around for years, they have also garnered the support of the masses for their quality products. They are the highest sportswear manufacturer in Europe. Their street style collections have gained popularity because so many millennials and gen z love them. Adidas incorporates innovation, durability, performance and technology in their products, they are always on the search for high-quality materials that will give their customers great experiences.


I remember when I was younger I didn’t understand anything about brands but I someone knew that when my parents bought Adidas clothing for me from thrift stores it was a catch because my mother would state with such gusto how she fought off a crowd to snatch this Adidas piece for me. You can get Adidas sneakers and gym clothes for as low as $200



  1. Women’s wear

This is an activewear brand and supplement/nutrition company geared towards women. It was developed by three entrepreneurs and has grown exponentially in under 4 years.  They are known for high-quality products and a strong social media presence. The company launched in 2015 but has taken centre stage in the fitness industry since then.


I remember the first thing I saw an Instagram fitness expert wearing workout gear from women’s best, it looked amazing to me, the colours were rich and vibrant. It was snug on her skin and I instantly knew I wanted one of those.

Women’sbest provides unique value with their products and they have gained public trust in such a short time and created a strong community of women whose word-of-mouth marketing played an integral role in making the brand spread like wildfire and now it is a well-known brand. You can get sportswear from this brand for as low as $50 for a full fit.


  1. Gymshark

Gymshark is an activewear brand and company that was founded in 2012 with currently over 550 employees. This fitness brand has grown exponentially and their apparels are always making the rounds on Instagram with people waiting impatiently every time they advertise and are counting down to the launch f any new products.


The brand was initially aimed at men but women have been more responsive to them as two-thirds of their sales are made to women.


They have made great use of influencer marketing and have also grown their following to over 5 million followers on Instagram.

You can purchase a gym set for as low as $90 they are known for their fashionable and trendy designs too.


  1. Puma

Puma is the third largest activewear brand and manufacturer in the world following Adidas. With their headquarters in Germany. They have been in business for over 73 years and have over. The years established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry.


They have been known to collaborate with different celebrity to launch a new line of products or designs and these are often well-received by adoring fans of the celebrities and loyal customers of the brand.

You can visit their website and purchase activewear for as low as $155.


  1. Fabletics

Fabletics offers quality, durable, stylish, affordable and comfortable workout clothes for women and men. This includes tees, joggers, leggings and yoga sets.


Footwears and accessories can also be gotten from this brand, it was founded in 2013.

  1. New balance

New balance gives you an edge and makes you look gorgeous at the same time. The sportswear is made to inculcate fresh designs that align with present world trends that provide a chic look and fear to the customers of the brand.

Women’s, men’s and even children’s active wears are available on the website for all types of sports and activities e.g cycling, running swimming, tennis etc.

In addition, give back to the community and support environmental causes.

  1. Wolven

This is a company that has sustainable practices to protect the environment and climate. They offer activewear that encourage diversity, body positivity and appreciates art and nature.


The designs for their active wears flows through an artistic process and they are easily accessible from any part of the world.


  1. Under Armour

This brand has a wide range of activewear that caters to men, women and children. They practice inclusivity as they have a plus-size range that ensures there is something for everyone and everybody gets the chance to look good and feel good.


Their goal is to help people perform better generally. The brand has developed new and improves fabrics over the years like the UA RUSH—which increases blood flow in the muscles through mineral-infused fabrics that reflect energy into a person’s body.


UA TECH  is also their improved fabric and it feels like cotton, it also allows your sweat to dry faster.


STORM is another of their enhanced innovative fabrics, storm is a waterproof material that is still breathable.


  1. Ryderwear

This is an Australian powerlifting fitness brand that caters to lifters by providing and producing quality, durable and high performing active wears that will serve the purpose that lifters need It to serve.

The pieces are comfortable as well. They provide a sculpted look when you wear them.


There also have options of fashionable street style pieces that will look good while at the gym and also as you go about your daily actives.


  1. Myprotein

This is a leading sports nutrition company, that provides supplements, nutritional support and protein powders. Over time they have crossed over to fitness wears.


They produce sustainable quality sportswear for high intensity and other forms of workout.


They also carry a line of accessories like hats, gloves, towels, bags underwear etc.


12.  Athleta

This women’s workout and athletic/ activewear brand came into the scene in 1998. It was bought and became a part of gap inc. in 2008. Its goal is to empower women, encourage them to form a sisterhood and community so they can support each other to maintain an active lifestyle.

Above all,  produce active wears that sculpt, define and present the body beautifully.


Their innovative designs apply in different sports categories like hiking, running, yoga and swimming.


13. Beyond yoga

This brand sources for their fabrics and materials worldwide because they are on a mission to preach body positivity and acceptance while providing people with options to feel super comfortable while they work out.

They are known to use the softest fabrics that hug your skin.


They utilize cutting edge practices and improve sustainability.


   14. Peak velocity

This an amazon in house activewear brand, it offers affordable high-quality workout gears that rival top brands.

For example, offer options and varieties of fitness wear for all sorts of activities without costing over $70.

  1. Lululemon

They have a wide range of pieces from sports bras, leggings to tees, hoodies, dresses, button-down shirt and jackets.

They strive to replicate the rejuvenating ad relaxing effect of yoga through their pieces.


This a brand that advocates for inclusivity and supports diversity, you can see that in the wide range that they offer to meet various needs and serve different groups

      16. Alo yoga

This is a Los Angeles-born brand that provides artistic designs utilizing mesh, rips, lacing and cutouts.


They offer pieces that provide a smooth transition from workout to lunch.


  1. Ivy park

We all went wild when Beyonce launched her Ivy Park collection. This collection of activewear delivers effortlessly cool and high-quality pieces. Ranging from sweatshirts to sports bras, leggings, hoodies, crop tops and bodysuits.


I honestly thought the reviews for the Ivy Park collection was partly true and partly embellished because of the Beyonce factor.  However, after I got Ivy Park sports leggings, I fell in love with the durability, comfort, texture and overall look. I became a believer.


  1. Outdoor voices

This is simply athleisure wear for regular everyday people. The founder of this brand came with a refreshed and different perceptive. There are already numerous brands that cater to athletes.  However, not enough that actually cater for everyday people trying to figure out their fitness journey.


      19. E nation

This a fitness brand that aims to bridge the gap between street style and fitness wears. They reinterpret street styles into modern active wears.


They use fabrics that provide you with a luxe experience at an affordable price range. Their goal is to leave you feeling stylish and in love with your activewear. In addition, they also donate $1 from every sale to charity.


They use fabrics like regenerated nylon and organic cotton to make their fitness wears.


  1. 2xu

Also known as two times you. This is an Australian activewear brand that was founded in 2005. The brand has a proprietary fabric known as the PWX compression fabric. This is a distinguishing factor because they have been proven to help you exercise better and perform better in general.


In addition, they cater to pregnant women and athletes that partake in sports like distance swimming and triathlons.


These active wears are flexible, durable, backed by technology, science and research and helps increase blood flow.


All these activewear brands promise and are known to deliver quality workout wears that can not only uplift your workout experience but will totally transform your fashion game.


If you have any favourites please share with us and don’t hesitate to tell me why. Remember, you can always talk to me.

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