13 Foods You Should Avoid For a Flat Belly

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Everyone wants a flat belly. Belly fat is a problem, one faced by men and women alike. Women are however more prone to accumulate fat in their stomach region. If you truly desire to lose weight and achieve a flat belly, there are certain foods you must avoid.


Having a flat belly extends beyond achieving that trending trim look, feeling lighter or finally fitting into that cute dress you’ve had for the longest time that is date-worthy.


It is most importantly about your gut health, the fat stored in the midsection can become a huge problem down the line. When it is not addressed it can lead to diabetes or heart disease.


Foods you should avoid to achieve a flat belly


  1. Ice cream

You must have called this one and you’re right, you know that ice cream is unhealthy and contains a lot of calories.


We usually don’t care because it is so delicious but its tastiness is often the reason why we can finish a pint of ice cream in one sitting without knowing we’ve consumed that much.


Although ice cream contains a lot of sugar which increases stomach fat, you can make healthier ice cream using yoghurt and fruits.


You can also serve small portions of ice cream at a time and avoid toppings that aren’t fruits.


  1. Soda

Even if you don’t know anything about nutrition, I’m certain you’ve heard the song about how bad sodas and soft drinks are for you. This song has been sung for years now. The high artificial sugar content of soda will definitely increase intra-abdominal fat.


Before you realize what’s happening you’ll be singing an Ode to your waistline. I have seen the effect of soda closely, my sister enjoys relaxing most evenings with a bottle of Coca-Cola.


Over time it has significantly caused her to gain several pounds in her abdominal area, now she is trying to drop the pounds which is definitely more difficult than putting it on.


Excess sugar is often converted to fat and stored in the body. Diet sodas might promise to reduce the calories but they have been known to also increase your blood sugar level by causing your body to produce insulin which still makes you put on weight.

The best thing to do to achieve a flat belly is to avoid soda completely, you can alternate with fresh juice which can be refreshing and also a healthier option.


  1. Alcohol

We love alcohol but I’m sorry to tell you that you have to let it go if you desire to achieve a slimmer belly. Not to rain on your parade and stop you from having a good time.


Some alcoholic beverages however cause more belly fat than others. Wine is known to often contain fewer calories than beer.


Have you ever wondered about beer gut—protrusion of the gut, usually found in men who consume a lot of beer—most men who drink a significant quantity of beer daily notice over time that their stomach starts protruding.


Sometimes it gets so big that they appear to be in the third trimester of pregnancy. This is bad for the health. You should manage your intake of beer if you desire to have a flat belly.



  1. Fried food

What will you do without fried chicken and turkey? I don’t know I love them too but I know that fried food in general especially fried chicken and chips contain a lot of oil, cholesterol and fat which will negatively affect my flat belly goals.


A healthier option is baking our chicken, this uses less oil and still comes out absolutely delicious.


Try it out and in no time you’d wonder why you ever ate fried chicken—maybe not—you get the message.


  1. Low-fat salad dressing

Low fat or fat-free salad dressing often promises a lean option packed with anti-oxidants which is great for the body. However, they can be unhealthy if they contain modified or refined oils as well as preservatives.


This can cause you to gain fat in your midsection. If you favour salad dressing a homemade option can be the safest option for you.


This ensures that you are in charge and aware of every ingredient used in its preparation.


  1. Candy bars

They contain no nutrients, added sugar and high calories.


Candy bars are tempting which is why you end up picking a couple every time you go to the store no matter how you swear you won’t touch one.


Stores strategically place them on the counter to tempt you and the majority of us fall into temptation.


Keeping off candy in its entirety is the best way to go when you want to lose belly fat. It has zero nutritional value and too much sugar.


  1. Cheese

I know you love cheese but it is dense in calories and saturated fat and this isn’t great for your attempt to lose belly fat and achieve a defined belly.


If you stay away from processed, melted cheese, you can opt for additive-free cheese and consume those in small portions.


  1. Salt

Salt can cause bloating and dehydration. It is recommended that you reduce your daily salt intake to not only reduce bloating and dehydration but also protect yourself from the dangers of excessive sodium consumption.


Salt does not necessarily cause you to accumulate fat, rather, it causes you to retain water making you bloated and causing your stomach to appear bigger.


Numerous people suffer from bloating almost every day and this makes them uncomfortable all day long. Bloating defeats the purpose of having a flat belly.


What is the use if it appears like you have a few extra pounds and fat in your stomach than you actually have.


Stay away from the salt if you want a slimmer waist circumference.



  1. Processed meat

Meat can be a good source of protein, which helps you build muscles and keeps you full for longer periods of time and an important staple food that eventually contributes to sustainable weight loss.


However, processed meat like cured bacon, beef jerky, corned beef, canned meats and sausages have adverse effects on the body.


They contain a high level of saturated fats, salt and cholesterol, which not only causes you to put on some pounds but can also increase your chances of heart disease and cancer.



  1. White bread

Bread is a refined carbohydrate and it is bad for your flat belly plans. Consumption of bread promotes weight gain because of its content.


If you enjoy bread, you can try switching your bread to whole wheat bread, they might not be as sweet but they are definitely healthier and improves your chances of losing weight and achieving a healthy and flat belly.


  1. Fruit juice with added sugar

I am always sceptical about fruit juice sold in supermarkets and you should be too. Most of those “fruit juices” often have added preservatives and sweeteners. Regardless of the font size and colour used to inscribe “no sugar” all over the pack.


The best option is fresh juice, you can buy a juicer and make your own fresh juice at home. Fruits are highly perishable,  fresh juice that is sold at supermarkets without preservatives and sweeteners will be bad for business. This is because it will have a very short shelf life span causing the company to haemorrhage money.


Fruit juice with added sweeteners will have the same effect on your stomach that sodas will.


  1. Cereal

For most of us, breakfast involves whatever lastest cereal that we enjoy, usually with high sugar content and the crunch we love so much.


All this sugar is bad for you, it is best to consume healthy foods like oatmeal with fruits instead of cereals.


When you consume cereal with high sugar content, it stops the body from converting excess fat in storage to energy.  This affects your ability to achieve a flat belly.


  1. Pastries

If you are a sweet tooth, you can opt for healthy pastry options. Processed pastries contain large amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and saturated fat. They also contain trans fat which is bad for your flat belly and linked to the cause of obesity in mice.


You can choose to restrict your consumption of processed pastries if you cannot completely replace them with healthier ones.


If you truly desire to lose belly fat you need to do what has to be done. It might be difficult but you should be determined to see results. Always switch to healthier options of foods you want to take.


Avoid all these and we will be celebrating your success soon.


If you have any comments and questions about this topic please don’t hesitate to share. Remember, you can always talk to me.

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