11 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid

Weight loss mistakes

These weight loss mistakes are so common in our lives that you often believe them to be helpful.

You have been doing things that have hurt your weight loss goals and this article will shine a spotlight on those common weight loss mistakes you need to avoid so you can drop that weight faster.


11 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid


  1. Not Sleeping

Sleep is an important pillar of weight loss. It affects our bodies and by extension its ability to lose weight. You need to get adequate sleep to give your body the best chance of losing weight. Check out these articles on why you need to sleep and the pillars of weight loss to better understand the role that sleep plays in your weight loss journey.


  1. Skipping Meals

People often erroneously believe that intentionally skipping meals can help them lose weight. I can’t overstate how wrong this is. When you skip meals and starve yourself, over time your body recognizes the pattern and it will slow down your metabolism in response, this will make it that much harder for you to burn calories and lose weight.


Working can be demanding, it has made a lot of us so used to missing breakfast and now we completely feel normal. This habit is ingrained in our minds and in our bodies. This is why you don’t even feel hungry even when you don’t eat breakfast.


You might think it will help you lose weight. At first, it might, you might shed some pounds and feel lighter but after a while, that feeling completely disappears and you gain them back.


Then when you eat lunch and dinner you still feel as full as you would if you’d eaten breakfast too. Your body starts to hoard food because it can tell that patterns have changed, so it tries to adapt to the new and uncertain reality.

Skipping meals is counterproductive and definitely a weight loss mistake.


  1. Eating When Ravenous

While trying to lose weight, you should be in tune with your body and ensure that you eat properly and when due. You don’t have to wait to get famished before you eat. Last week, I had to run some errands with my sister. Earlier that day she had made me promise to join her for an important errand. She stated it was going to be a quick one.


It was almost time for me to eat my lunch, she insisted we wouldn’t waste time and I could eat later. I considered taking the food with me since it was already pre-packed—thanks to meal planning.


I opted to just eat after we returned. Traffic had a different plan for us, we were stuck in traffic for almost an hour. After she completed her errand we were on our way back and at this point I was famished.


She remembered she had to pick something up from her friend, we made a stop, and we spent over 30 minutes there before we continued our drive home.


I knew I was on a diet but before we got home I was so ravenous that I could eat anything. Everything looked 10X more desirable and mouth-watering. I subsequently succumbed to an unhealthy snack before we got home.


I just shared my experience to help you realize that waiting till your ravenous before having a meal is one of the weight loss mistakes that can make your defences against unhealthy food low and make you more susceptible to giving in to temptation.


  1. Eating While Distracted

Mindful eating wasn’t something I had always known about. Truth be told the first time I heard of it sounded silly to me. I mean are you trying to say that turning on my favouriting show on Netflix and pulling up my plate of food will affect my eating habit?


The answer is YES! Do you ever wonder why whenever you go to the cinema to see a movie, you buy some popcorn and when you see the pack you probably think “That’s a huge box, I can’t finish it.” Yet somehow, once you settle in and the movie starts you don’t even realize when you finish the entire box of popcorn.


That is the effect of mindless eating. When you eat without paying any attention to the food you’re eating, you’re likely to consume a larger quantity of food.


There have been scenarios where I’m eating and watch tv and the next thing I know my plate is empty and I start accusing anyone around me of taking my food when I wasn’t looking. I usually cannot explain or believe that I truly finished the plate alone because I was still hungry.


You must make eating a special time, stop doing it while distracted. Try eating with your full attention and you will certainly feel fuller and reduce the chances of over-eating.


  1. Rushed Eating

Stop rushing your food. I am talking to you! Sometimes you don’t even chew properly, you stand and gobble everything in 3 minutes. Eating like that is not just unhealthy and opens you up to the risk of choking on your food, it can also leave you feeling really unsatisfied like the food just “went through you”


One of the keys to losing weight is controlling your appetite. Healthy foods that make you feel fuller for long periods are recommended because if you feel satiated you won’t need to eat more calories.


Rushing your meal will not make the calories disappear, it is a weight loss mistake to rush your meals.


  1. Drinking Calories

Some people believe that foods that are made of carbohydrates contain more calories and will make them put on weight but they have no problems drinking even more calories.


Even though it is true that carbohydrates have high-calorie content, some drinks contain more calories than a plate of rice.


Liquid calories are dangerous because they are stealthy. You don’t usually think of them as calories because they are in liquid form and this means they can slowly add up to hundreds of calories throughout the day.


They do not reduce hunger causing you to consume more liquids. When we consume the liquids, our body absorbs the sugar faster which can cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin.


Being careful when dealing with liquid calories will help you avoid the weight loss mistake.


  1. Calorie Counting

Counting calories might have benefit but it is never the cause of substantial and sustainable weight loss. You can become frustrated if you count calories sometimes, it can also become a disruptive and obsessive behaviour that might lead to an eating disorder.


it is almost impossible to accurately determine all the calories you’re putting in your body since labels sometimes do not contain accurate or any information regarding calories.


There are often multiple entries online about the calorie content of a particular food. This makes it difficult to determine if you’re eating the right amount of calories a day to be at a deficit and achieve weight loss.


  1. Sleeping Hungry

Going to bed hungry can be safe, however, if you are so hungry that you cannot sleep, it can make cause you to look for food to eat in the middle of the night which isn’t good for your weight loss.


Sleeping hungry can be a weight loss mistake. Always eat well before bedtime to give your body time to digest the food and help you sleep better.


  1. Being Extreme

Moderation is key. Regardless of the goals, you want to achieve, going to extremes are never good for your body and your mental health.

Your best bet on achieving sustainable weight loss is consistency. This is because your body adapts and you develop new habits and a new lifestyle which helps you maintain your body and prevents you from picking up the lost pounds.


There is no magic with sustainable weight loss so any attempt to try extreme things will most likely hurt you instead of doing any good.


Always listen to your body and know when to stop and dial things back.


  1. Shopping While Hungry

I have always been the type of person to buy a snack if I am hungry. while shopping I immediately scan the store for the first mouth-watering snack that I see and I munch on it while I roll my cart around the store.


Now I go to the store right after a meal, at this point, I am so satiated the last thing on my mind is eating anything. This has worked like magic. It has saved me money and extra pounds.

  1. Shopping Without a List

Making lists is an easy and great way to stay organized. Before you go shopping, make a list of everything you need. At this point, all the internal arguments about whether or not to purchase a particular thing will be had and concluded.


At the end of the process, you will have a detailed list of the thing that you actually need. When you get to the store and you notice things that aren’t on the list, you will remember the decision-making process of writing the list and it will help you stick to it.


Shopping without a list is a weight loss mistake for someone who has self-control issues and impulsive buying habit is dangerous because you will have no predetermined structure to follow and you can easily lose focus and make regrettable choices.


Avoiding these mistakes will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you have any questions or comments about this topic, don’t hesitate to share.

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